Climate Change

I know some of you are/want to be an activist.An activist is a head strong person who wants things to change so there is nothing wrong with being one.A recent Swedish activist which we all know is:

GRETA THUNBERG.She is only in her teens yet she has made a worldwide impact on climate change.You don’t have to go to Greta’s standards but you can start of small.

Here are a few things you can do:

1)Switch of the lights when you go out of a room-this conserves energy.

2)in your house have an eco monitor- so that they are in charge of switching any cabled items off.

3) Share your knowledge with people on social media-this is so they to get involved.

4)Always learn more-so that you have a lot of knowledge about climate change(or other)

I hope that you follow these instructions for the more people we can get to help with climate change the better it will get.Remember to share your knowledge with other.

Bye#a-z(Aishani and Zahra we are 2 people)

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