Lock Down



HI guys today it is Zahra(Aishani is busy)and i thought i would talk about lock down.Eventually the whole world will have done it.My school will be going on lock down next week.I am a mix of emotions from excited to nervous.I think it will be an exciting experience but since it is my last year of Primary school what if i miss the rest of the year?Then BOOM i am in secondary/middle school.

Maybe we could always have an old girls reunion?Tell me what you think in the comments bellow about that.I am sure some of you are wondering how we are going to communicate. Well our school is using microsoft teams.THis way i an message my teachers/friends and face time/call them.Like my teacher said that she would face time all of us for the register at 9 am.

Doeesn’t that sound cool.Could you ever imagine face timing your own teacher!?

During lock down i am still going to make sure that i have a healthy mindset:

i will be reading

cooking something i have never cooked before

and always talking to my friends on our phones!

That reminds me i need to call Aishani.


Please tell me what your fave shop is so that i can do a blog a bout it.

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