What I Missed Out On:

During the last few weeks of lockdown, i got to go back to school

I was so excited,now my year is all over!I couldn’t help but feel sad!That was my last year of primary school and now i will probably never get to see most of those girls again. I also missed out on many things like:





I am grateful to all the things that my school has done to me.

Lock Down



HI guys today it is Zahra(Aishani is busy)and i thought i would talk about lock down.Eventually the whole world will have done it.My school will be going on lock down next week.I am a mix of emotions from excited to nervous.I think it will be an exciting experience but since it is my last year of Primary school what if i miss the rest of the year?Then BOOM i am in secondary/middle school.

Maybe we could always have an old girls reunion?Tell me what you think in the comments bellow about that.I am sure some of you are wondering how we are going to communicate. Well our school is using microsoft teams.THis way i an message my teachers/friends and face time/call them.Like my teacher said that she would face time all of us for the register at 9 am.

Doeesn’t that sound cool.Could you ever imagine face timing your own teacher!?

During lock down i am still going to make sure that i have a healthy mindset:

i will be reading

cooking something i have never cooked before

and always talking to my friends on our phones!

That reminds me i need to call Aishani.


Please tell me what your fave shop is so that i can do a blog a bout it.

Climate Change

I know some of you are/want to be an activist.An activist is a head strong person who wants things to change so there is nothing wrong with being one.A recent Swedish activist which we all know is:

GRETA THUNBERG.She is only in her teens yet she has made a worldwide impact on climate change.You don’t have to go to Greta’s standards but you can start of small.

Here are a few things you can do:

1)Switch of the lights when you go out of a room-this conserves energy.

2)in your house have an eco monitor- so that they are in charge of switching any cabled items off.

3) Share your knowledge with people on social media-this is so they to get involved.

4)Always learn more-so that you have a lot of knowledge about climate change(or other)

I hope that you follow these instructions for the more people we can get to help with climate change the better it will get.Remember to share your knowledge with other.

Bye#a-z(Aishani and Zahra we are 2 people)

Big Sister issues

SHOUTOUTS TO:jessicacharlottebear

Back to the blog:

If you are an older sister/brother then you know that it isn’t always fun.Like right now i’m helping my sister with an over due book report!And the chosen book is about fairies so i am making her answer my questions.

Today we were going to look at rabbits to buy but we can only do that when she is done!I am a little(totally) annoyed but nobody is perfect.I have had to remind myself that many times.So when your Younger siblings are being annoying remember me and the bunnies.

Tell us stories about you and your siblings in the comments


‘Astonishing’ rise in blue whale numbers


In just 23 days, 55 blue whales have been spotted near South Georgia – a sub-Antarctic island in the South Atlantic ocean.

After commercial whaling was banned by the International Whaling Commission in 1986, there has been lots of work to help protect whales around the world.

“To think that in a period of 40 or 50 years, I only had records for two sightings of blue whales around South Georgia,” said scientist Dr Trevor Branch.

“So to go from basically nothing to 55 in one year is astonishing.”

You can help these lovely whales by helping with our plastic pollution problem.

Fairy Circles, Namibia

The- Fairy- Circles.

The Fairy Circles are millions of circular honeycomb-like patches across the Namib Desert in Southern Africa.

These disks of bare soil, known as fairy circles, look as if giant moths have chomped through the vast carpets of grassland.

There are lots of theories as to what causes the patches.

Some scientists have suggested radioactive soil, or that certain toxins released from plants kill the vegetation around them in circular patterns.

Others believe the circles are the work of sand termites.

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Blood Falls, Antarctica


The name says it all. Blood Falls looks like blood pouring onto snow and is almost creepy.

But despite the name, it isn’t actually blood. It’s water dyed by red algae.

If you want to see it this freaky sight then there are only two ways to get to it – and that’s by helicopter or cruise ship.

Stay tuned for one last phenomenon……..

Frozen methane bubbles, Canada


This lake in Canada is full of frozen methane bubbles.

Pockets of gas get trapped underwater and turn into ice, forming a spectacular landscape.

This strange occurrence is normally found in places like Lake Abraham in Canada.

It happens when objects like dead leaves and grass fall into the water, sink, and are eaten by bacteria that produce methane.

The gas is released as bubbles that transform into tens of thousands of icy white disks when they come into contact with frozen water.

It might look beautiful but this greenhouse gas not only warms the planet, but it is also highly flammable.

What other amazing things are there?

Stay tuned…….


Some rather cool ice volcano ‘eruptions’ have been spotted at a beach in Michigan in the United States.

But what exactly are they, and how are they made? Experts at Michigan Technological University have the answer.

They say the cone-shaped pieces of ice form at the edge of an ice shelf, when a large piece of ice flows down to a coastline.

Then strong winds from the shore force big waves under the ice shelf.

These waves push up ice and water from underneath the shelf – this slush ‘erupts’ out of the cones, creating ‘ice volcanoes’.

Unlike normal volcanoes, they do not spew out hot, molten magma but they can still be pretty big, with cones reaching as high as eight metres!

But what about other amazing natural phenomena around the world?

Stay tuned to find out about frozen methane bubbles in Canada….